First, the recommendations we will make here can just about assure you will be happy with your purchases. As mentioned, we have personally had prepared meals delivered, and have evaluated them for their overall quality and value. We take into consideration packaging, shipping, reheating, and overall convenience of the prepared meal delivery service. We also evaluate the pictures companies use to sell their meals on their website, and compare them to what we actually received in our order.
DineWise Stuffed Chicken with Cauliflower Parmesan and Peas with Onions

Prepared Meals Delivered from the Best Menus

There are hundreds of websites on the Internet where you can have chef cooked meals delivered to your home. This website will help you find the best of the national and regional meal delivery services available to you.

We have personally tried, and taken our own pictures of hundreds of meals and meal plans from some of the largest meal delivery services available.

Our experience and expertise will guarantee that your next order, be it for yourself, or as a gourmet food gift to someone else, will be the best the industry has to offer. Logo
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Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pureed Cauliflower and Peas with Pearl Onions by DineWise. Enjoy.
For the consumer, finding the best prepared meal delivery services is often a trial by experimentation. You should order from one service, not have a positive dining experience, and cross off the whole idea of having meals delivered to your home.

That could be a mistake. Overall, the industry has done an amazing job to customize prepared meal menus to the nutritional needs of the consumer, and balance the quality of ingredients to make the cost of their meals a good value.

Like any restaurant, or meal, you might cook yourself, there are high-quality ingredients and there are less-expensive options. Today's prepared meal delivery services have to balance and weigh these options based on the needs on their customers. 
Prices for online meals can vary greatly. These prices can range from $7 to $25, depending on the amount of food you order, the portion size, the quality of the food that goes into making the meal, and the culinary expertise that goes into creating the meal.

Like going to a restaurant, meal prices will vary based on the same scale, but unlike a restaurant, you are ordering more than one meal, and you can't send it back. Your own tastes and budget will determine what is a good value.

If the prepared meal is part of a nutritional program, such as weight loss or diabetic meals, we further take into consideration the nutritional values of these meals. Some companies can call a diet meal "diet" just because of a significantly reduced portion size.
If you are relatively new to buying prepared meals online, here are some good rules to follow:

  • Check that the company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • If you are signing up for automatic delivery, be sure to read the read the fine print in regard to cancellation.
  • Does the website have pictures of the food? You might be surprised to learn many do not let you see what their meals look like, and often for good reasons.
  • Read online consumer reviews.
  • Do a BBB (Better Business Bureau) search to see if the company has a history of unsatisfied customers and doesn't respond to complaints.

Having prepared meals delivered to your home is a convenience that satisfies consumers that time-starved to put wholesome meals on the table, as well as those that may not have the knowledge or desire to prepare food for a specific nutritional profile. They also make wonderful gourmet food gifts, and help family caretakers ensure a distant relative is eating properly.

We hope you find our years of experience an asset in helping you find the right prepared meal delivery service for your needs, and at a price that fits in your budget.
Personal Chef to Go
BBQ Pork Chop

A delicious thick-cut pork chop with a spicey BBQ sauce. The mushrooms are amazing. We would have liked to have received a green vegetable side, but this a good meal.
Certified Steak and Seafood
Garlic Clams

Perfectly seasoned and microwave ready. A great appetizer ir put over some pasta. Cost as much as buying clams at your local store. A great find for clam lovers.
Home Bistro
Beef Burgundy

A great meal cooked sous-vide. Comes with a hearty portion size and easy to reheat microwave bags. This could be a staple on any of your orders.
BBQ Chicken

There won't be any starving on this diet meal plan. Dinners are generally huge portions and this meal could be on any meal delivery service's menu. Love the extra vegetable too.
Prepared Meals Delivered by DineWise Stuffed Pepper
Stuffed Pepper

Best Stuffed Pepper in the meal delivery business, by far. Once we had this one, nothing else seemed to come close. Huge portion size, and the rice is amazing.
Get this.
Gourmet Station Manchester Quail

An absolutely incredible meal! We wish it came with a vegetable, but it is still amazing, and you get two! It come in an oven ready with easy directions. Anyone can make this.
Prepared Meals Delivered by Gourmet Station Manchester Quail
Personal Chef to GoBBQ Pork Chop Prepared Meals
Certified Steak and SeafoodGarlic Clams
Prepared Meal Delivery Services Home Bistro Beef Burgundy
DietToGo BBQ Chicken Prepared Meals

How to Choose a Meal Delivery Service

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