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Chef prepared meals and gourmet food gifts are becoming especially popular to give and receive. Christmas and Mother's Day may be the two most popular occasions to send food gifts, but Thanksgiving, Father's Day and Birthdays are not far behind.

In the case of Thanksgiving, complete dinner packages, with optional appetizers and desserts, can be sent to loved ones that will be away, or alone, for the holiday. Holiday meal plans can serve from two to eight, but we suggest you order more than the suggested serving size. Holiday food gifts from prepared meal delivery services tend to be a good value with free desserts or extra servings included in the package. Besides, no matter what holiday is being celebrated, everyone loves left overs.

Holiday Food Gifts

DineWise Gift Certificates may be the easiest way to send a gourmet food gift.
The primary advantage of sending a gourmet gift certificate instead of a gourmet food gift is when you are not sure of what kind of food the person you are buying likes. It is also a good idea if that person is on a nutritional diet and needs diabetic meals, low sodium meals, or low carb meals.

Most meal delivery services have meal plan packages, which makes it easier to order, but may include prepared meals that are undesirable or do not fit a specific nutritional diet. Giving a gourmet gift certificate eliminates any chance of a food gift someone may not want, or may not be able to eat.
Spiral Sliced Ham

Simply put, DineWise is the best prepared meal company for sending Holiday food gifts. Notice the extra side and the mountain of food? No one else even come close.
Sliced Turkey

Two traditional Holiday meals that are excellent and easy to reheat. They have many more options on their menu too. We love the "holiday giving" feeling we get from thier huge portion sizes.

Gourmet Gift Certificates

DineWise Buy One Get One Free Gift Certificate
Even events like kids going off to college, a senior coming home from the hospital, or a young family having a new baby are times when people are sending gourmet food gifts. Sending a prepared meal package for an event, is a thoughtful way of "helping out" when you can't be there to do it yourself. In addition to the microwaveable convenience of prepared gourmet food gifts, most meal delivery services offer nutritional menus such as diabetic meals.
Today's meal delivery services offer gift certificates in many different increments, and some allow you to create a custom amount. Most gourmet gift certificates can be redeemed online, just like a credit card, which makes ordering very easy. Be aware that the cost of shipping will come out of the gift certificate too, so if you want to give $100 in food, you might consider buying a $130 gift certificate to include shipping fees. Here are our recommendations for gourmet food gifts:
DineWise Spiral Sliced Ham
DineWise Holiday Turkey Dinner

Maybe you want to send some desserts to someone who is hosting a family holiday. Here is a great choice. These cheesecakes are best in the buiness, and the card is nice too.

These coffeecakes reminded us of the 50's and 60's when these cakes were the rage. No one does them better, and they are inexpensive. An old-fashioned dessert.
Cheesecake food gift idea
Delicious Coffee Cakes from
Koa Coffee
Hawaian Coffee

If you are tired of buying Starbucks gift cards for the coffee lover on your shopping list, try these. Hawaian coffee is magic. Something about the volcanic soil, and this company is the best.
Lobster Anywhere
Live Lobster

Imagine the surprise on the face of the seafood lover on your list when you send them live lobster. This company is the best, and least expensive, at doing it. Some greats sides too.
Koa Coffee Gourmet Gift
Lobster Anywhere Live Lobster Gift Idea
Gift Certificate

We have seen DineWise free gift certificates be anywhere from $50 to $750 in the past. It depends on how much you buy, but the quality and value you will giving is tops in the industry.
DineWise Buy One Get One Free Gourmet Food Gift Certificate
Colorado Prime Steaks
Angus Gift Box

Give the gift of gourmet steaks with this Angus gift box. It came with two Filet Mignons, NY Strips, and two Ribeyes. We recommend this gift box for the holidays for you business clients.
Colorado Prime Steaks Angus Gift Box
Easy Life Meals
Diabetic Meal Plans

If there is a diabetic on your shopping list, we recommend this company. You have to buy a meal plan, but they are a great value. Learn more by clicking the link above.
Roasted Pork Loin
Certified Steak and Seafood
Bone-In NY Strip

If you want send high quality steaks to the BBQ gourmet on your gift list, this company has excellent steaks at surprising low prices. Worth checking out.
Bone-In NY Strip Cooked
Prepared Meals Logo

Gourmet Food Gifts

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