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Senior Meals and Senior Meal Delivery Services

The prepared meal industry has recognized the need for senior meals, and more often than not; meal plans to satisfy two consumer markets. First is the senior citizen, who enjoys the convenience of not having to cook. The second, is the children of seniors, called family caretakers, who are helping a parent or both parents, as they get older. Having easy-to-reheat microwave meals is an alternative to making sure loved ones are eating properly and provides a convenience for the family caretaker.

The second market, is by far, the larger of the two. The possibilities are endless. Maybe parents live a great distance away, maybe a parent is adjusting to living alone, or maybe a nutritional diet is warranted to improve health and well-being. Whatever the reason, the prepared meal industry provides a realistic solution with their senior meal plan services.

Senior Meal Delivery Services

DineWise Senior Meal Plans. Roasted Turkey Breast with Red Potatoes and Broccoli and Red Peppers.
DineWise Elderly Meal Plans
When we rated our favorite senior meal plans, we considered:

  • The quality of the meals in each plan.
  • The culinary skill that went into making the meal
  • The execution of the recipe (is it a traditional recipe)
  • Packaging, reheating, and delivery
  • Consumer convenience, portion size, taste, and price.

Factor all of these essentials together, and we ended up with senior meal delivery services that you would enjoy as much as we did.
For health definitions, the nutritional values of a senior meal generally follow the daily recommended allowances found on any nutrition label. Seniors with diabetes, or have low sodium, and/or heart healthy dietary requirements should seek menus from those categories of meals. These meals are properly portioned to provide a balanced meal over the course of the day. In addition, senior meal plans can make wonderful holiday gift ideas.
DineWise Meal Plans for Seniors

Consumers will generally have the most options at DineWise. Their senior delivery services include fixed meal plans, a la carte shopping, and nutritional menus for diabetic meals, low sodium meals, and more.  Meals can be microwaved from individually packaged meal components, or reheated in microwave trays.

They also allow you the ability to "Mix and Match," meaning you can choose which entree, side, or vegetable you want to have with your meal. A very nice feature.

DineWise offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and generally has the largest portion sizes of all the prepared meal delivery services. Their higher quality also comes with a slightly high price tag, but if you were sending meals to your Mom, you could feel pretty confident in what you were sending her by shopping at DineWise.
A DineWise Senior Meal
A DineWise Senior Meal shown in its Individual Microwave Pouches

Meal Plans for Seniors and the Elderly

MagicKitchen Meals for Seniors

MagicKitchen also has a very large menu of meals for seniors and meal packs. These will all be trayed meals that do a very good job of reheating in the microwave. The portion sizes may be slightly smaller than DineWise, but the prices are also more affordable. One consideration, we found trayed meals to be easier to stack and store in the freezer than the individual meal component pouches.

MagicKitchen also has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and delivers nationwide. They can also accomodate renal diets, diabetics, and have a dialysis-friendly menu.

We have been very content with the prepared we have tried from MagicKitchen, and they offer a 10% Seniors discount on orders over $80. A very nice touch.
MagicKitchen Elderly MealString Beans and Mashed
MagicKitchen Braised Short Ribs with String Beans and Mashed Potatoes
EasyLife Meals

EasyLife Meals specializes in diabetic meals, but that is not to say they can't be used as senior meal plans. We have tried about a dozen meals, and found them to be well above average in quality for prepared meals under $10 each. In fact, this Salisbury Steak might be the most "homemade" tasting we have tried.

Another thing we like about them is that they give an extra portion of vegetables with all of their meals. It makes the meal both healthier and more satisfying. The trays to a great job of reheating the meals evenly.

Use the link above, and you will receive 20% off the cost of a meal plan. They only sell meal plans, but they have plans small enough to fit into anyone's budget.

Senior Meal Delivery Servicevices: EasyLife Meals Salisbury Steak with Mashed Sweet Potato, Green Beans and Carrots
EasyLife Meals Salisbury Steak with Mashed Sweet Potato, Green Beans and Carrots
FreshDirect Meal
Spaghetti & Meatballs

FreshDirect is not specifically for seniors, but they have a large menu of fresh meals under $10 that are worth trying. However, they only deliver to NYC and Philly areas.
Home Bistro

This company once owned the market for gourmet senior meals. Today, the menu is smaller but the original recipes are intact, and the food is still cooked sous-vide.
Home Bistro Meal
Other Meal Delivery Services for Seniors and Options We Recommend
The Worst Senior Delivery Services

There are prepared meal services that are designed to be used by government agencies or as part of health insurance coverage. As you might be able to imagine, the prices for these meals have to be low to qualify for contracts. Some of these companies also try to market themselves as a private pay solution and make their meals available to the public. We found these meals to be well below the quality standards of the major delivery companies. You are welcome to read our detailed reviews by following the links below:

But it would be our recommendation to buy frozen TV dinners at the supermarket than spend $5 to $6 for any of the meals from these companies, which would be better and less expensive. Just looking at the pictures of the food we received should help you make the best decision for your needs.
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